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Monterey Bay, CA

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Every time I visit Crocker Art Museum, I get mesmerized by its art shows.

Veterans Day

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Al- Ansari 888 270 268 255

It is customary for a new bride to wear a white wedding dress at the ceremony, often with a matching veil. This tradition was first introduced by Mary, Queen of Scots. The white wedding dress symbolizes wealth, virginity and also associated with innocence and happiness.

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Image of the Day

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Driving nearby when I saw a small food cart stopped next to Jack in the box entrance. By the look of it, I guess Jack in the box employee would rather have a real Mexican Taco!

Cloudy Thoughts

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“As I light this cigarette the smoke begins to fill the room. As I open up this bottle  and pour me a cup I seem to be filling it up with memories that are trapped in my thoughts.”  

ba3ba2Basil 5a

The one I let show me things I’ve never learned before. My teacher, My partner, what I thought would be my soul mate. But hear I am alone, thinking of what use to be and what seem to be. I feel lost yet betrayed, your  actions did speak louder than your words and that left a big scar in my heart left for me to find a way for it to heal which it will never seal” Author unknown,–by-missinstant

Just a thought

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Life is a one way street ain’t it? If you could paint it, I’d draw myself going in the right direction. So I go all the way. Like I really really know, but the truth is, I’m only guessing.”IMG_2072


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Basil 7a

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